Please provide the following information:

1. HVAC or IAQ Parameter that you would like to evaluate?

Outdoor Air Delivery            Total Supply Air

Air Management                  Air Distribution

Building Prepare                  Carbon Dioxide

Temperature                         Humidity

Odors                                     Carbon Monoxide

Inhalable Particles                Formaldehyde

Microbiological Materials    Dust

Tobacco                                Work Area Controls

Employee Comfort               Health

Volatile Organic Compounds                             Legionellosis in Building Water                                    Dust Cleaning Inspection & Sampling           HVAC/IAQ Management System Program Audit

2. How Many HVAC Zones or Work areas do you want to evaluate/assess?

1-3               3-10


3. How many square feet in your building/facility or work area(estimated) do you want to include in this evaluation/assessment?

< 2000 Square Feet               2000-5000 Square Feet

5000-10000 Square Feet 10000-20000 Square Feet

>20000 Square Feet

4. Is this monitoring for OSHA or EPA compliance?

Yes                                                                                      No

5. Do You want a final report that includes comparison to Federal and/or industry standards?

Yes                                                                                      No

6. How soon do you want to accomplish this?

ASAP                                                                                  This Month                                                                             This Year                          

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